“Without a goal, you can’t score.” – Unknown.

I always come across these articles of 20-somethings who have done so many things in life and are already successful. I’m turning 25 next year and in this phase called “adulthood” but I haven’t really felt like I am living my life to the fullest.

I started to experience quarter-life crisis since I graduated from college. Even though I have gotten over at some frustrations  – from the “I don’t know what to do with my life, I wanna die!” to “I want to resign, I don’t care if I don’t get a new job after resignation but whatever” moments – I still don’t like what I am doing. HAHA.

The point is, I realized that I have been stressing myself out establishing a career that I tend to shut everything else. I forget to relax and take life easy.

Reflecting over the past few years of my life as a young adult, I am proud that I have achieved so many things that I thought I couldn’t. But I still feel like something is missing… I feel like rowing a boat without knowing my destination.

I have not set any goal since college and so I thought I could keep a bucketlist… yes what else? Haha.

And the list goes….

1.Earn a masters degree before reaching the age of 30

I have an Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies but it is not enough to help me land a better job. Most of my peers are almost done with their masters and I haven’t even started yet.

Update: As of, 20 January 2017, I was admitted at the Asian Center of UP Diliman taking up MA in Philippine Studies. My classmates are very intelligent. I know I will struggle, I hope I can do it.

2.Learn a foreign language and keep it

I speak Tagalog and English. I has 2 semesters of French class when I was in college but I did not really learn much. I self-studied Hangul (Korean) in high school ’til college because of my K-pop addiction but after some time, I realized that I have been spending too much time watching music videos and drama series and suddenly decided to stop.

3.Record singing videos and share them with friends

Many of my friends always encourage me to sing. I would often upload videos (with my face hidden while singing) on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. I recently recorded myself singing Ave Maria by Beyonce but has not shared the whole video due to lack of self confidence.

4.Bring my mom places

I love my mom. She has done so many things and sacrificed a lot for me. Now that I am earning for myself, I want to bring her to many places in the Philippines and other countries. She needs a break!

Update: In February 2015, I brought my mom to Enchanted Kingdom for my cousin’s partner’s celebration. I will bring her to Boracay in September 2017.

5.Join an organization for a good cause

I am an advocate of peace, environment, animals and welfare of the people but does not belong to any group. I would like to be part of an organization which main mission is to bring about positive change in this chaotic world.

6.Be fit and finish a thriathlon

I would like to challenge my active self by keeping an exercise routine or run every morning. I’m not really a morning person… ZzzZzzz…

7.Fall in love with the right person and get married! 🙂 

I have had no boyfriend since birth and I am okay with that. In fact, I am okay to stay single for the rest of my life! However, I won’t deny that there are times when I dream of meeting someone who I will spend the rest of my life with. It will happen if it’s supposed to happen. I believe in God’s perfect timing! *winks*

Update: Currently in a relationship… my first boyfriend. I love him so much.

8.Go out of the house with full makeup on

I love buying cosmetic products but don’t go out with full makeup on. I also want to enroll myself to a hair and makeup class but it’s too expensive.

9.Take the Foreign Service Exam before 30 years old!

Every diplomat-wannabe’s goal.

10.Surf legit waves!

But first, I need to learn how to swim in deep waters! hahaha

11.Watch concerts of favorite international acts

My first time to watch a concert in Araneta Coliseum and it was for free!!! —> Christina Perri

12.Be a tourist in my own country

The Philippines has many beautiful tourists spots from beaches to forests! From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, every place has something different to offer. Have you heard of the Palawan Subterranean River? It’s one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature!

Update of Places Visited:

2015 – Baler

2016 – Mt. Pulag 

13.Visit Museums

The Philippines has rich tradition, culture and arts. I have been fascinated with many Filipino artists’ work and the growing number of museums in the country that attracts interest from the millenials. As a contribution, I will commit myself in promoting Filipino from now on.

Update of Museums Visited:

2014 – Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo City.

2016 – National Museum + Luneta/ Rizal Park


Note: This list will keep on changing from time to time. 

Updated 26 Nov 2015. 20 January 2017. 23 February 2017.