Pinto Art Museum (11.29.14)

My very good friend Loraine invited me to come with her to check out the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City. I said yes right away because I have been wanting to visit museums. We also included the Crescent Moon Cafe in our itinerary (which also located in Antipolo and near Pinto) however, we inquired beforehand if they have pottery classes but they said the next classes will be held next year. So, we scratched it off and perhaps we could visit next time.

P.S. I grew up being a homebody and I am most comfortable staying at home because that way, I will not spend too much money which my mom works hard for. However, I have realized that there are a lot of good things out there that I need to see and now that I am working for my own money, I can go wherever hella I want to. 😛

So for our Pinto Adventure, we spent around Php485.00 and the following is the break down of our expenses:

  • Fare from Katipunan QC/ Marikina Palengke to Antipolo City – Php25 (Go down near the Antipolo Church or Ynares Center)
  • Fare from Antipolo Church to Pinto Art Museum – Php50 (tricycle drivers know the place and the fare is per ride not per person)
  • Entrance Fee at Pinto – Php150 for adults but if you are a student, bring your I.D. and they’ll give you 50% discount so that’s Php75
  • Pinto Cafe – we ate our lunch before we left so we only ordered JC’s Special Halo-Halo as an afternoon snack and it costs Php185. Will tell you more about this yummy halo-halo…
  • Our fare from Pinto to Antipolo Church to Marikina City costs the same.

It was raining when we left for Antipolo but we were lucky it stopped when we got there. Although it was a bit muddy, we still had fun. The place is very relaxing to just roam around and check all the paintings and artworks done by amazing Filipino artists. I don’t want to spoil and the paintings/artworks might have copyright so here are only a few of the pictures we took…

pinto entrance

Entrance of Pinto Art Museum. 

You will be welcomed by the kind Pinto staff/security guard who will direct you to go to the registration and pay your entrance fee.


A small cathedral. (left) from the outside; (right) from the inside.


This is an area where you can write a letter to someone you truly love. Things that you can’t say. However, you will not send the letter to that special person, instead, you will have to put it inside the cabinet and no one will be able to read it. Meanwhile in the background, you will hear a voice narrating Jose Rizal’s love for Leonor. Didn’t really listen to it but it’s quite dramatic. 😛


The museum is equipped with couches to allow the visitors to rest their feet or to relax and feel the cold breeze of Antipolo. The couch is so soft.We almost fell asleep. 😀


JJ’s Special Halo-Halo.

There’s a small cafe managed by Bizu Patisserie. They serve a variety of pastas, beverages and desserts. Since we were not feeling very hungry, we tried JJ’s Special Halo-Halo which costs Php185. The food is a bit pricey but this mouthwatering treat is worth every penny! We also wanted to try the chocolate cake because it smells so good but we have decided we needed something refreshing instead.


Just a couple of artworks that you will see inside.


My love for staircases and doors will never end. 😉


I just like to take pictures of things that I find pretty like this one… Hehehe


Overall, it was a very fun but relaxing day. Great place for a weekend getaway and mini photoshoot if you want a new profile picture. Haha.




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