One-Day Surfer

One of my favorite inspirational person is Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer from Hawaii who lost her left arm after being bitten by a shark when she was a teenager. “Soul Surfer” is a movie dedicated to her story and how she held on to God and to her dreams even though she lost one arm.

Her story is really inspiring and it is highly recommended to everyone who is losing their hope and struggling to continue to achieve their dreams after a tragic incident. It also teaches us that there are more wonderful things in life than to lock ourselves in one room and bury ourselves in self-pity or depression after experiencing misfortunes. And of course, we should not lose our faith in God because He has a reason why challenges comes to us.  He wants us to become stronger, more faithful and inspire other people with our stories.

Bethany is one of the reasons why I always wanted to become a surfer. I had a chance to be a “one-day surfer” when we went to Baler, Aurora for a 2-days and 1 night trip from May 2 to 3, 2015. That was my first time to touch a surfboard and ride the waves and it was on my birthday! Well, a day before my birthday but still my birthday week so… 😛


I was so happy to be scratching this off of my bucket list! However, I got bruises from falling off at the shallow part of the waters and it was a bit rocky…


Yeah, ouch!

The scar on my right knee is still visible as of this moment but I consider it as a remembrance of my first surfing experience! And I was not that bad! I want to go back or go to other surfing beaches with bigger waves!


And the Ditumabo Falls or Mother Falls was marvelous! Worth the long hike!

I will soon surf like a pro! HAHA! Nothing’s impossible right? Right?

Much love,



Our trip to Baler is through the Astrokidd Travel and Tours. Our driver was very accommodating and is trustworthy.

Their 2-days and 1-night trip costs around Php 2,600.00 inclusive of van transfers, accommodation and 3-free surfing lessons. We were billeted at Aling Sonia’s lodge which was far from the beach side but due to the van transfer it is easier to go to the area.

The lodge owner are also very accommodating and you don’t have to worry about your meals because they have a carenderia. If you want to save money, you may bring canned goods or baong ulam and you may buy rice from them but they also offer complete meals for around Php200.00 per person. They also have a small store where you can buy shampoos, conditioners, soaps and coffee. But I think accommodation depends on the availability.

For more information, please visit their Facebook Page at:

However, you may go for other options such as taking the Joybus to Baler and booking an accommodation at the beachfront hotels if you want to spend all of your time at the beach.


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