Christina’s Terrace

(page is still being developed)

This page is dedicated to my hobby of collecting and propagating different species of cacti and succulents. I have started collecting and growing some cacti and succulents on February 2017 but I have always been wanting to grow since last year.

On this page, I will share different tips I’ve learned from other people and my experience in growing these plants on my small terrace and under the Philippine weather.

The following are the different species that I already have:


  1. Opuntia Canterae
  2. Opuntia Microdasys (White “Bunny Ears”)
  3. Mammillaria Plumosa
  4. Mammillaria Elongata (2 types but not verified)
  5. Cereus sp. “Wild Crest”
  6. 2 other species I have not identified yet (1, 2)


  1. Graptopetalum Paraguayense (“Ghost Plant”)
  2. Graptopetalum Pentandrum “Superbum” (R.I.P.)
  3. Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’
  4. Echeveria Black Knight (R.I.P. – Leaf propagation on-going)
  5. Echeveria Black Prince
  6. Echeveria Imbricata
  7. Echeveria Agavoides (unverified if Corderoyi)
  8. Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor’
  9. Echeveria Derenbergii ‘Painted Lady’
  10. Echeveria ‘Rondo’ (R.I.P.)
  11. Echeveria Colorata ‘Cat’s Claw’
  12. Echeveria Peacockii
  13. Echeveria Pollux
  14. Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Jelly Bean’
  15. Sedum pachyphyllum ‘Many Fingers Jelly Bean’
  16. Sedum Adolphii ‘Golden Sedum’
  17. Portulaca Gilliesii
  18. Crassula Perforata ‘String of Buttons’
  19. Crassula Humbertii
  20. Sedum Makinoi Variegated
  21. Sedum Lineare Variegated
  22. Sedum (still unidentified)