Succulents Collection

I am currently into collecting Cacti and Succulents (CnS). I am not really a green-thumb but through research and the advice of professional collectors, I am able to learn a lot about taking good care of different kinds of Cacti and Succulents. This page will be dedicated to a list of the kinds that I currently have and those that is still on my wishlist.

I started collecting on February 2017. I bought my first batch consisting of 10 pots of various cacti and succulents.


First batch of CnS: 3 Echeverias, and 7 Cacti

I have been wanting to grow these plants for so long because they are so cute! So when I saw someone selling them on the streets on my way to class, I couldn’t resist! That day was also payday so I just shelled out a few a lot of $$$ because… impulsive buying. I got each pots for 80 Philippine pesos (around US$1.50) only to find out later that they were very expensive for these ordinary CnS and there are garden shops that sells them for a much cheaper price (but without pots and with old soil). But anyway, I was happy and happiness is the most important thing! Haha!

Please feel free to check out each of my CnS. I will be providing proper caring tips and updates one each one of them on this page.